Friday, July 07, 2006

Eric Jackson dijo...

It seems that this page is a worthy effort. The way I see it, you are specifically dealing with several of the major symptoms of an overall malaise that afflicts Panama.

We have a president who is a follower, not a leader, of a corrupt political class that has taken over every aspect of power save the economic reins that their sponsors in the wealthy elite hold, and which has put the entire country up for sale.

One other example: virtually every river in Panama is subject to a hydroelectric concession, and many of these are shams in which the water resources are what the developers are after, or in which developers want to make lakes for gated upscale resisdential communities for foreigners. Now of course not all of these dams will actually be built, but think about what would result if they were: Panama's fisheries would largely be destroyed.

But money talks and Torrijos, the son-in-law of the founder of Panama's ad agency cartel, apparently thinks he can monopolize all discussion. If you look at the mainstream media of late, he does have a point.

However, MEDCOM, La Prensa and the leviathons he has sicced on the Panamanian people can't effectively defend him, or even defend themselves, from a concerted piranha attack. And let this blog be another one of the piranhas.
Eric Jacksoneditor,
The Panama News

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